I authored and edited the following Bengali books. All books were published by Radical Impression, 43, Beniyatola Lane, (College Street) Kolkata – 700 009

Monobijnaner Aloke Ishwar Darshan

(Mystical vision in the light of Psychology)

This book was first published in the year 1999 and it was acclaimed as a remarkable work in the ‘People’ column of ‘Impression’ in The Sunday Statesman of November 26, 1999. Second edition of the book got published in 2003.

Aloukik Chikitsay ki Rog sare?

(Does Miracle Cure heal diseases?)

This book was published in the year 2001. It was applauded as a notable work in ‘Desh’ magazine of June 18, 2002.

Ramkrishna – Vivekananda : Mukto Moner Aaloy (Edited)

(Ramakrishna-Vivekananda: in the light of freethinking)

This book reevaluates philosophy and thought of Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda from rationalistic outlook. It was first published in the year 1996. Second and third edition of this book got published in 1998 and 2002.

Aloukik Rahasya Sandhane (Edited)

(In Search of Supernatural Mysteries)

This book was published in the year 2006 as a revised and new edition of “Yuktibadi Tadanta Samkalan”, (first published in the year 1998). It is a collection of rationalistic investigations of so-called ‘supernatural’ mysteries. This book presents many interesting on-the-spot scientific investigations conducted in search of truth hidden behind the curtain of so-called ‘supernatural phenomena’ and ‘occultism’. Editor’s personal experiences as an activist of science and rationalists’ movement have been vividly portrayed. “Yuktibadi Tadanta Samkalan” was acclaimed as a remarkable collection in ‘Pustakmela’, the organ of Calcutta Publishers’ and Book Sellers’ Guild on January, 1998.

Manabatar Gaan

(The Songs of Humanity)

A collection of lyrics of contemporary Bengali songs published in the year 2005.

Santraser Utsa America (Edited, Co-editor: Cjiraranjan Paul)

(America: The Origin of Terror)

This book was published by Radical Impression in the year 2002. It was an analysis of U.S Imperialism in the wake of Afghan War from economic, political and historical view points. This book was noted as one of the best seller books in “Anandabazar Patrika” on 28th September, 2002 and 5th April, 2003.

Juddha Islam Pratirodh (Edited, Co-editor: Cjiraranjan Paul)

(War Islam Resistance)

It was published by Radical Impression in the year 2004. This book offers informative and socio-economic evaluation of situations prevailed in the region from Afghanistan to Iraq under the sway of imperialistic power. It also recapitulates history of Islamic world and records research–based evaluations and discussions in the matter of world–wide protest movements against imperialism.

Other books of ‘Bharater Manabatabadi Samity’ on Science, Rationalism and Humanism

“Bhagat Singh: Fire Dekha” (Bhagat Singh: Looking Back) written by Suresh Kundu. This book was a tribute to martyr Bhagat Singh on his Birth Centenary (2007) jointly published by ‘Madhyamgram Bijnan Chetana Forum’ and ‘Bharater Manabatabadi Samity’, Chandannagar. 


Itihaser Aaloke Maronottar Dehodaan” (A Brief History and Prospect of Posthumous Body Donation Movement) written by Sutapa Bandyopadhyay. It was published in the year 2000.


Bish Shatoker Kusanskar Birodhee Galpo” (Twentieth Century’s Anti-Superstitions Stories), a collection of Bengali short stories against superstitions edited by Saumitra Bandyopadhyay. It was published by Radical Impression in the year 2001. Second edition of this book to be published.


Chhotoder Kusanskar Birodhee Galpo” (Anti-Superstitions Stories for Children – Two volumes) edited by Sutapa Bandyopadhyay. It is a collection of Bengali short stories for children against superstitions. It was published by Radical Impression in the year 2003. 4th edition of the book got published in 2012.


“Prakritik Bijnan er Porikkha” (Laboratory Experiments on Physical Science for School Kids) by Prof. (Dr.) Debabrata Majumdar. Published by Radical Impression on January, 2006.

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  1. dada im a professional magician & rationalist….i will make sell & teach magic tricks & books at asansol……….i want to learn ur book of-ISHWAR DARSHAN,ALOUKIK RAHASYA SANDHANE & ALOUKIK CHIKITSYAE KI ROG SARE…..where i got this books ??? thanx- avishek dey,c\o- late chittaranjan dey,shantinagar,near high school,post-burnpur,dist- burdwan,pin-713325..e mail- no-8293223250 \ 8513883057….thanx


    • Dear Avishek, Please excuse me for my delayed reply. All our books are available at Radical Impression, 43, Beniyatola Lane, (College Street) Kolkata – 700009. So you may write a letter to ‘Radical Impression’ or call the publisher. Telephone no- (033) 2241-6988 Mobile- 09432112933.
      Thank you for your queries. With best wishes,
      Rationally yours, – Rajesh Datta


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